Are the templates and themes really free?

Yes all the templates are free, some of the template designers do ask you to sign-up on their website first in order to gain access to the template download. A few of the designers may ask you to tweet or Facebook like their website to access the template download. Considering all the hard work the designers have put into creating the templates and themes it`s a small price to ask.

Can I remove the credit links of the templates and themes?

In most cases yes, some WordPress themes have the credit links protected to stop you removing them, should you require the credit or branding links removing then you should visit the web developers homepage and request removal. Please note they may charge you a small fee to remove credit links, usually 10 – 15 $USD. We do encourage you to leave the credit links intact to promote the designers hard work, even if it`s just a small link. Afterall without their hard work this website would not be possible.

Is there any premium templates and themes I can purchase?

Yes! Although the emphasis of HTML5 Templates website is to promote the free designs, throughout the website there is a selection of premium templates and themes for you to purchase, those templates and themes will be clearly stated to avoid any confusion.

What are the template licenses?

Almost all the the templates and themes are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution license unless stated. Should any instances of conflict arise to what the template or theme licenses are, we will amend our website accordingly.

Template or theme removal!

Should you require your website template or WordPress theme removing from the HTML5 Templates website then please contact us.

Adding a new template or theme!

If your a web designer or developer and wish to showcase your free designs on our website please submit your HTML5 template or HTML5 WordPress theme via our submission form. We will also send you SEO juice via your listing to promote your work!

HTML5 Website is not fully HTML5 W3C Validated!

Whoops, there`s always room for improvement. Our plan is to build and develop HTML5 Templates website in future months. (And some of the errors are not our fault, some of the plugins clash with each other)

What happened to the old website?

On January 1st 2013 we launched the new website layout, we hope you like it.  You can still view the old website and all the old templates in the HTML5 Templates Archives.

Bug Reporting!

If you happen to come across a bug on our website then please report via our contact page. If you have bugs on any of the templates or themes listed, you can report to the theme developer or send the bug report to us and we will pass it along to the developer.