Robotic HTML5 Template is a slightly modified static version of the SimpleBee CMS Theme. Fully HTML5 & CSS3 validated.

CMS Theme for GetSimple CMS. Valid HTML5 & CSS3 Layout can be 2 columns or 1 by switching off sidebar. Social Media ready, Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools via the optional theme plugin.

This template is called Big City, the theme of the template is nights out in the in the city, hotels and eating out.

Our most popular downloaded template since 2011. This html5 template has been downloaded tens of thousands of times since I made it back in 2011. Beadysite has also been featured on many popular web design blogs and magazines. Beadysite One of our designs we originally created a while back now which was originally XHTML and […]

This eye catching blue, white and grey design template is idea for websites that want to keep it simple. The template should be very easy to customize and modify if you have basic html knowledge.

A minimalistic clean coded free html5 / css3 template, this design was design by the html5 templates website owner.