Our most popular downloaded template since 2011. This html5 template has been downloaded tens of thousands of times since I made it back in 2011. Beadysite has also been featured on many popular web design blogs and magazines.

One of our designs we originally created a while back now which was originally XHTML and CCS 2.1 which now we have converted over into valid HTML5, It`s also our main website design layout, we have released this template free because so many people have commented on how they love the simple layout and easy navigation of our website.

Template Information

Template Name: Beadysite
Author: DJB
Date Added: 3 January 2013
Demo: View Beadysite Demo
Download: Click here to download Beadysite
Hits: 6,980 views

  • vonhellsing

    Can’t fault this template on any aspect as it is just perfect. Particularly for what I like, which is plenty of white space, and clean design. Template is pretty awesome.

  • wiZard

    thanks a lot its wonderful!

  • TimWhitt

    It is a nice template. I took the liberty of converting it to a theme for the opensource CMS GetSimple . Hope you like it. it is here:

  • TimWhitt

    Still a nice template. But a lot of redundant code in the css makes it pretty confusing to edit.